Scott Lee

I meet Lindsey in the fall 2013 or spring of 2014. We shared the same degree path and thus found ourselves in many of the same classes and later would even graduate at the same time. Lindsey was this shy young lady who I could relate, as I returned to college much later in life feeling a little (lot) overwhelmed and out of place. One day, before class started, I had my computer open with a Pittsburg Steelers background on my desktop and we immediately had a connection, as she was a Steelers fan as well. As we made this connection, we had the opportunity to work on a few assignments and projects together in class. I soon learned that this shy lady has so much to give the world on so many levels. It is often times that the older one becomes a mentor to the younger generation but in this case, I defiantly found inspiration in Lindsey. As I read her blog post “27 and still a lot to learn”, It that really hit home with me. Being much older I realize that I a lot knowledge but still and always will have a lot to learn. Even through Lindsey’s blog post are self-reelections, I know you will as I did find a bit of familiarity and inspiration. Lindsey as been a inspiration that has impacted my brain, my heart  and my soul. And I know she will do the say to you.

Scott L.