Feelings 🀯

According to the Oxford Dictionary, feelings are “an emotional state or reaction”. There are all the feelings you feel in a day. Happy πŸ˜€, SadπŸ˜”, upset 😑 are three main ones but what about all those little feelings you feel in between the main ones.

You hear someone say ” I’m in my feels”. What does that mean? It’s feeling all the things all at once. It’s a heavy feeling to feel when you just feel so many things and all you can say is I’m in my feels. It’s also ok to feel all of this and know it is ok and you’ll be alright.

You are not always going to be happy and things will not always just go over your shoulder. You are going to be upset and get mad. That’s ok. You are going to feel sad and feel like you’ll never feel happy again. That’s ok. You are going to be so full of “you” people will look at your strange. That’s ok! All the feels are ok! The depression, the anger, the overwhelming happiness. It’s ok to feel all of these in the moment and talk it out. That’s one thing I have had to learn and work on is to know when to reach out and talk to someone and not sit in my anger or my depression. Because it will just fester and get worse. We are human, we make mistakes, we feel all the things, but we are resilient ✊🏼



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