Book Review- Lockdown on London Lane

Rating 👉 3.75

This was an impulse buy at Books A Millon toward the end of my shopping trip. I had books in my arm and was like oh this looks interesting. Then I read the blurb and I just had to get it to figure out this book. Being that we are all still affected by the pandemic and Covid still in 2022 it is a good book to read about how it initial felt for people by in 2020. It is about different couples in an apartment complex that gets shut down for a week due to one of the tenants getting COVID. It follows 5 different couples as they are hit with the news that they are on lockdown for a full week and cannot go out. Each couple is facing different circumstances and at a different point in their life. From a one night stand, to a 4 year couple, to a new couple, to a bridesmaid group. They all bring something to the story and apartment building.

I was so positive about this book so I started it that night after I bought it. It starts off slow and that’s why I have it a 3.75 stars because it’s a slow multi relationship book in the middle of a lockdown. I don’t think it’s everyone’s cup of tea but I ended up really liking it by the end. I just finished it earlier today and think you should read it if you ever get the chance. It is a slower reading but I feel in love with following all the couples hoping they worked put while being stuck together. It really depicts what a lot of couples face in day to day lives and then on top of that what we all faced in the pandemic. I liked how real it was that I feel like in London right now there has to be a real apartment building with people just like in this book.

Where you can find it 👉

Lockdown on London Lane on Bookshop

Lockdown on London Lane on Amazon HDJY372NHGP591X

Lockdown on London Lane on Bookoutlet


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